Car Manufacturers Debate Whether Adding Turn Signals to New Models is “Even Worth It”

Car Manufacturers Debate Whether Adding Turn Signals to New Models is “Even Worth It”

While driving to the office, Daniel Moore, Head Engineer at a popular automotive company, had an epiphany. He asked himself, “Why add a feature to a car that goes largely unnoticed by a majority of drivers?”

Daniel’s question has now sparked a global debate among leading car manufacturers. Companies are asking themselves if it’s worth the cost of implementing this new technology if it’s too difficult to use. The general consensus seems to be no.

In the wake of these debates we reached out to the head of product design at BMW. Below is a transcript of our conversation:

LW: So, what do you believe the issue is with modern turn signals?

BMW: Honestly, the technology has reached a point where consumers simply do not know how to utilize it effectively. The learning curve of pushing a stick up or down is too complex for your average BMW owner.

LW: I see. Has BMW thought of any replacements?

BMW: We have actually. Our current idea is to include a small avian creature with each BMW purchase, perhaps a pigeon or a raven. This will allow the driver to make their demands known the the bird. From there, the driver’s avian buddy will be able to deliver the driver’s intentions to other drivers on the road.

LW: ….

BMW: Not bad, right?

LW: I.. guess not?

So, whether or not turn signals will continue to be a staple in every driver’s repertoire is unknown at this point. What we do know however, is that whether they are or are not, it won’t make a difference. Obviously.

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