Car Manufacturers Debate Whether Adding Turn Signals to New Models is “Even Worth It”

While driving to the office, Daniel Moore, Head Engineer at a popular automotive company, had an epiphany. He asked himself, "Why add a feature to a car that goes largely unnoticed by a majority of drivers?" Daniel's question has now sparked a global debate among leading car manufacturers. Companies are asking themselves if it's worth the cost of implementing this [...]

Local Man Stops Global Warming by Sharing a Meme That Says Others Should be Stopping Global Warming

It's no secret that the Earth needs to be protected if we wish to sustain an environment suitable for humans and animals alike. However, it may not be a problem for much longer. A member of the Department of Implying Care and Kindness on Social Media, D.I.C.K.S for short, changed everything yesterday. In a series of memes shared to [...]

Local man jokes about Chinese restaurant serving dog meat; Becomes a comedy legend

In comedy you have the greats; the Carlins, Seinfelds, C.K.s. However, none have dared tread where one local man tread last night at a local Chinese restaurant. Eye-witnesses report overhearing a man say "I can still hear this dish barking" after receiving what he believed was underdone Mongolian Beef. When questioned, the man, while looking at his friends for affirmation, [...]

Crystal Meth may be legal by 2020 to help treat ‘not being high on crystal meth’

With the uptake in research of drugs that have gotten a bad rep in our society such as mushrooms, LSD, and marijuana, experts have decided to venture into more illicit substances such as crystal meth. While studies show that crystal meth has no known medicinal benefits, they have found that it cures one very strange ailment, not being high [...]